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Braces Overview Basics

Braces Overview Adjuncts

Braces for Adults

Braces for Kids/ Children/ Adolescents/ Teens


Alternatives to Braces

The Basics

These items are used in almost all cases so we’ve grouped them under “the basics”.

Generally speaking, this section covers the more common items used in the daily treatment of most cases. This will include the brackets (braces), bands, rubber bands (elastics), separators (spacers), and IPR or interproximal reduction. IPR is not as common, however, it is included in this section because it is a base component in invisalign cases and is often used judiciously in crowding cases and recession cases as well.

What are Braces (brackets)?

Imagine a round mug. It’s difficult to pick up until you put a handle on it. Once there’s a handle, you can move, tip, turn, or up end the mug any way you want. All a brace, or bracket, is is a handle we bond to the tooth in order to be able to move it. It resembles a square (or our logo!).

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