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Alternatives to Braces


Unfortunately, braces through the years have gotten a bad rap as being unattractive and unsightly. While this was certainly true back in 1950 when bands were used on all of the teeth, advancements in brackets have come leaps and bounds. The sizes of the brackets have gotten much smaller and aesthetic brackets have become available.

Regardless, the new generations want to know if we can move teeth without the braces. The answer is "Yes, within reason".

One advantage that the braces still have over alternative options is that they can perform movements that the alternatives can’t always accomplish because of the direction of movements. Alternatives have come a long way and can achieve amazing results in a lot of cases, but may not always be able to achieve the goals standard brackets can.

Minor Tooth Movement

Minor tooth movements can be accomplished with a series of essix retainers.

Like the name states, these can accomplish minor movements such as rotations and small movements. Adjustments are made to these retainers at various appointments. The next in series is made when all of the movement in the current retainer has come to an end. New impressions are made with each set of new essix for the MTM system.

While these retainers are limited in what they can accomplish, they are a happy middle ground between braces and Invisalign.


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