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New Patient

Four Step Guide

Financial Information

Your Life With Braces-The Story

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New Patients

The staff here at Renick Orthodontics wants to make your new patient experience as easy as possible so we’ve compiled a step by step guideline for you!

This section will introduce you to the process of getting braces and how to manage them once you have them. You’ll learn about separators and records. You’ll get instructions on how to take care of your braces by cleaning them (proper oral hygiene) and avoiding the wrong foods.

One of the big questions new patients have is "how long?" Tips will be given to shorten your treatment time and avoid things that may extend your treatment time.

Other questions not covered here may be addressed in the FAQs section if you don’t find them here.

Financial Information

We don’t quote fees over the phone for a simple reason – we don’t know what the problem is and we don’t know what we have to do to fix it. In order to see a fee, we need to come up with a treatment plan. This is usually accomplished at the complimentary new patient consult appointment. Occasionally, in more complex cases, an additional consult appointment may be required. This happens when a comprehensive treatment plan needs to be established between the orthodontist, the general dentist, and other specialists.

We understand that affording medical and dental care in this day and age can be daunting. For this reason, we do our best to work with our patients. How do we do this?

  1. We gather your insurance information to help you maximize any benefit you may have. While we can’t affect your insurance payment plan, we can help you understand the plan you have.

  2. We offer a no interest payment plan if you choose to pay with automatic debit or automatic credit payments. We’re not a bank and have no wish to be. By offering a no-interest alternative, we minimize your financial burden.

  3. Our fees are all inclusive for all of your regular visits during your treatment time with us.  Your first set of retainers and first two retainer appointments are offered as a courtesy by the doctor. We’ve worked hard to get you to the end of treatment and want to help ensure you can maintain your result.

  4. Procedures performed by other dentists/doctors are NOT included in the case fee and are solely the responsibility of provider.  This includes items such as extractions, cosmetic restorations, and gum procedures.
  5. We offer courtesy discounts such as sibling/family courtesy reductions or payment in full reductions. 

  6. No discounts combined shall exceed 5% of the total case fee.

  7. At this time, we do NOT accept Caresource or Molina.

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