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New Patient

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New Patients

The staff here at Renick Orthodontics wants to make your new patient experience as easy as possible so we’ve compiled a step by step guideline for you!

This section will introduce you to the process of getting braces and how to manage them once you have them. You’ll learn about separators and records. You’ll get instructions on how to take care of your braces by cleaning them (proper oral hygiene) and avoiding the wrong foods.

One of the big questions new patients have is "how long?" Tips will be given to shorten your treatment time and avoid things that may extend your treatment time.

Other questions not covered here may be addressed in the FAQs section if you don’t find them here.




Eating the wrong kinds of foods is the most common cause for broken braces. Basically, COMMON SENSE for avoiding hard or sticky foods is required. Some guidelines are listed below;

  • Avoid sticky candy like tootsie rolls, taffy, and gum. There is NO SUCH THING as gum that is okay for braces. The gum may not pull the bracket off immediately, but it weakens the cement with repeated chewing.
  • Avoid hard food like jaw breakers or ice
  • Cut food into smaller pieces
  • Cut chicken off the bone or corn off the cob
  • Cut fruit, such as apples, and vegetables, such as carrots, into small pieces
  • Popcorn kernels and chips (Doritos, potato, etc.) have been known to break braces. If food gets caught in your braces, brush it out, don’t pick it out.
  • Please do not chew on pencils or pens.
  • Please wear a MOUTHGUARD during sports or outdoor activities. Do not use the “suck down” kind from the store. It will most likely pull the brackets off and restricts tooth movement. There are mouthguards specifically designed for patients with braces.


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