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This is an important category to understand. RETAINERS ARE FOR LIFE!!!!! When you come into our office, you have a specific problem we address and by the time you’re finished, your teeth are fixed. However, you are not a wall! You are a constantly changing biologic person. As you get older, your body is constantly changing. Your hair changes, your skin, changes, and your bone changes. Unfortunately, your teeth are held in place by the bone that is changing. Your teeth will move with the moving bone. What a retainer does is holds the teeth in place and allows the bone to change AROUND them. A retainer maintains your correction.

Your teeth are most likely to move in the first six months following treatment. For this reason, Dr. Renick recommends full time wear for the first six months and then you can go to night time wear. Any time your retainers start feeling “tight”, it means that your teeth are starting to shift and you need to wear them more often. You become your own watchdog to keeping your teeth looking great!

What’s the best kind of retainer? It’s the one you’ll wear!

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