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Braces Overview Adjuncts

Braces Overview Basics

Braces for Adults

Braces for Kids/ Children/ Adolescents/ Teens


Alternatives to Braces

Adjuncts and Accessory Appliances

These next appliances help with movements the brackets alone can’t accomplish. These tend to be more case specific and are used in conjunction, or at the same time, as the braces. They may be found in the roof of the mouth as in the case of an expander, habit appliance, or bite plate, OR, they may be external to the mouth as in the case of the headgear or the facemask. They may be utilized for certain types of tooth movement or for growth modification where applicable in a growing child.

Tongue Trainer

Tongue trainers are very similar to the tongue spur habit breaking appliance but are smaller in size.

These appliances are just like brackets placed on the inside of the teeth, generally in the anterior. They serve as a reminder to the tongue not to push forward.

In instances where the case warrants it, we can have the lab fabricate retainers at the end of treatment with these embedded to continue to control the habit if it remains after the braces are removed. The tongue is a powerful muscle and can move teeth if not monitored.

We also provide tongue exercises to our patients to help control or eliminate the habit.

Visits with a speech pathologist can evaluate whether myofunctional therapy may help the situation.

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